I am Pierre Ledru,  recognized conductor , teacher at the Grand Paris Sud conservatory. From the age of 6 I took my first steps in music with my grandmother. It was the day before method, with the baguette and literally !! There was nothing really funny about learning music theory… Yet I was destined for music. At the age of 15 I gave my first violin lessons and  discovered a new passion: teaching . 

10 years later, then only 25 years old, I took over the  management of the Ferté-Bernard conservatory  for more than 10 years. It was a real laboratory for me, always with these same questions: how to best transmit,  how to make people love music  … and music theory?

It has been almost 30 years now that I have been looking for how to improve my teaching, how to motivate my students, how to make them learn faster and more efficiently and above all…  with PLEASURE  ! And so it was quite natural that I created  the rhythmic battle game © , at the same time extremely simple, fun and effective.


What you will learn with the game!

Note drawings

You will be able to recognize and memorize all

rhythmic figures

The durations

You will remember how long each rhythmic value lasts


You will then be able to easily visualize on your score where the times fall


You will learn the relationship between the different rhythms

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